Thursday, 9 August 2007

Strawberry Yoghurt/Memory Lane - alarming radioactive pink Israeli yoghurt

Some years ago we were in Israel for a family wedding and generally pretty wonderful holiday. We stayed in a rather nice holiday village thingy on the beach near Dor. Breakfast was in the restaurant a little along the said beach and had all sorts of nice and interesting things on offer. I seem to recall that they did a rather fine line in omelette-type stuff.

Now, I do not have any of the details and the pink box is just an approximation, but they also served the most alarming alleged-strawberry yoghurt I've ever seen. It was entirely homogeneous in texture and colour and bore no hint that it had ever been near an actual strawberry fruit. You could carve it with a spoon, perhaps into interesting sculptures, maybe even with overhangs. This mass of bizarre, solid, bright pink was almost fluorescing and I wondered if it was perhaps some byproduct of the nuclear weapons programme. (The one they don't have.)

This was about as far from, say, Loseley's collector's item as you could possibly get. The extraordinary thing is that it was also quite delicious, with a tangy, exciting flavour. I went back several mornings for an additional zapping from these pleasantly powerful pots of pinkness. Bzzt bzzzt bzzzzt!


Generally pretty unrateable but-

Astonishment: 7.9

Pinkness: 11.õ¥ (damages normal detection equipment)

Nicer-than-it-looks multiplier: 4

Grelltt: 6

Sploorn: 4

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