Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Strawberry Yoghurt - Daylesford Creamery organic yoghurt with strawberry compote

This is a truly fabulous strawberry yoghurt. I had a good old bitchy bitch of bitchinosity yesterday about the somewhat Sloanoidal environment from which it came but, fair enough, they do know how to make strawberry yoghurt.

The Daylesford Creamery yoghurt is, as the title suggests, one with separate yoghurt and fruit compote. This always disarms me somewhat as I have never really figured out how to appreciate and write about these: I view them as non-standard. Go figure.

Anyway, the great loveliness of this yoghurt is that it is not too sweet. Hurrah! Obviously the compote will have been made with the usual nine tons of sugar, but it is not, nevertheless, outrageously sweet. And the yoghurt is very natural and live and unsweetened and everything, and the combination is simply delicious. It’s also one of the more costly, at £1.50 for a splendid 250ml, but well worth it.


Megadelicious and not too sweet, hurrah.

Oversugaredness: 0

Range Roverism: 10

Grelltt: 3

OK yahness: 8

Sploorn: 8.5

Overall: 9

Obsessives corner:

We’ve chucked the packaging, sorry!

Maybe I can get something from the photos …


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