Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Gig-a-Blog-a-memo™ (Various, St Anne & St Agnes)

Various dates in 2008

This concerns a number of lovely concerts at St Anne & St Agnes, that I enjoyed greatly. As noted elsewhere, though, I've recently had to bite the bullet and acknowledge that I'm actually never going to get round to writing about them all despite my good intentions, that well-known paving material for a Certain Road. This rather incomplete list is what I know for sure I went to, and may be edited occasionally when or if I remember more concerts or find more programmes. I know it's probably not very interesting for the reader: sorry - I just want to remember what I can and this blogular place is as good as any to keep a little aide-memoire.

  • 14/11/08 Woodrow: Gaultier, Schlee, Bach
  • 10/11/08 Graudina, Griffiths, Mitrea: Bach, Pärt, Kroll, Bottesini
  • 7/11/08 Luciano & Losi: Luca Luciano in concert
  • 24/10/08 Koshka & Brown: Bruch & Mendelssohn
  • 17/10/08 LD Frazier: Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel
  • 10/10/08 Sändig & Knizia: Bach & Handel
  • 6/10/08 Graudina & Knizia: Schubert & Mozart
  • 22/9/08 AnDante: Gesualdo
  • 28/7/08 Pienaar: Bach
  • 26/7/08 Sweelinck Ensemble/Knizia: Bach
  • 25/7/08 Sweelinck Ensemble/Knizia: Bach
  • 11/7/08 Smith & Campling: Handel, Campling, Aubert, Poulenc
  • 1/7/08 Meyer: Bach
  • 25/4/08 Kikuchi & Fuller: Flackton, Samuel, Wolstenholme, Schumann
  • 11/4/08 Quantrill & Allen: Leighton, Gershwin, Milhaud, Koechlin, Gaubert
  • 7/4/08 Caballero & Yamamoto: de la Barre, d'Anglebert, Telemann, Bach
  • 4/4/08 duoDorT (Halsall & Kurataç): Reich, Riley, Telford, McPhee

Lovely lovely!!

I must also mention a fabulous Salmagundi Ensemble concert at Wesley's Chapel on 29/4/08: McDowall, Chopin, Ravel, Martinů. For more go here and search down to "29 April". My notes for this are very trashed: they were already pretty bad and then suffered a proper technical accident, involving the blood-curdling ishoo of, ahem, Irretrievable Deletion Caused by Gross Incompetence. So I can't possibly use them, but, take it from me, the concert was great stuff.

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