Friday, 5 December 2008

Gig-a-Blog™ (Haydn Dickenson, St Anne & St Agnes)

01122008280 Haydn Dickenson, piano: works by Robert Parsons (b. 1938), Schumann, John White (b. 1936)

An interesting concert going new-old-new, which I thought a very successful and enjoyable mix (but hey - what do I know?)

Parsons: Three Eisler Transcriptions

  1. Hoelderlin Fragment no 2 Poised slow movement with graceful sweeping melodies and fabulously fruity harmony.
  2. Hoelderlin Fragment no 5 Difficult, nay impossible, to categorize but - meiner Meinung nach - has bits of a very nice slow jazz-waltz feel, lush and romantic, then some more urgent, declamatory interjections building the tension.
  3. The Sprinkling of Gardens Quite intense, unruffled, more lovely harmony.

The composer was here and looked nice. Yeah, irrelevant, I know, but it's my blog! And it's a fabulous piece of music.

Schumann: Faschingsschwank aus Wien op 26

(Colin, please see me afterwards. It is a perfectly respectable German word, the sch- is an inseparable part of it, and your silliness is really not helping. Do try to behave.)

  1. Allegro Impressive, swashbuckling start. Good piano-bursts-into-flames stuff! I love it. Oh alright there were a couple of quieter moments chiz, but I diskard them.
  2. Romanze. Peaceful, simple melody picked out and sung through by Mr Dickenson with superb finesse and restraint. Mmm nice.
  3. Scherzino. Jolly, quick march, left-right left-right. Silly but fun.
  4. Intermezzo Oh dear it's gone a bit serious now. But it's also rather gorgeous.
  5. Finale: busy, fun. Big symphonic ending. Woo.

White: Sonata no 154 (Carbon Footprints in the Snow)

Driven, quick music. Then lovely chorale thing with the fast parts taking more of a back seat ... then it all kicks off again for a barnstorming ending.

This concert - with its clever, interesting programme - was an great display of the technical skills and expressively beautiful playing of this powerful and impressive pianist. Yeah, I liked it.

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