Friday, 16 May 2008

Bother! ... er ... Goodoh!

The SS A&A lunchtime concert will just have started but I am eating sarnies at my desk, bother bother bother. I have too much to do by a factor of roughly 9.7381 allowing for inflation and the price of lard.

Also I have to go to this evening's rehearsal (gibber tweetle) via Phil Parker's and buy a piccolo trumpet mute to replace the one that is lost, where lost is a specialist term meaning almost certainly somewhere in the house but not findable without demolishing several rooms. Gah! So to go to Parker's I have to leave early and to leave early I have to not look like a twit who disappears for three hours over lunchtime and comes back smelling of beer, so I am sat here trying to be productive - apart from these five lunchblogular minutes of course.

On the other hand I am most certainly going to be at Monday's concert, it being the very fine Trillium Quartet. I absolutely loved their last gig there, some years ago, and am very much looking forward to hearing them again. They have a rather good USP about which I shall write when/if I get a moment or three. But, believe me, it is going to be a good 'un, and I just love hearing brass in that venue! Amazingly, I had already had to shift my regular Manchester visit to Tuesday for another reason, so I get to hear Trillium as a (massive) bonus to my day.

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