Friday, 16 May 2008

Barts Rag

It's Rag Week apparently. This had not previously come to my attention but round at the tube station, very early, I met a pleasant gaggle of our students dressed up in scrubs and with stethoscopes - I am not sure but I think they may have been trying to make it clear that they are medical students, perhaps? As I showered money (with the desperation of a man who has none) into their collecting buckets I enquired which charities they're supporting. British Heart Foundation, came the reply, HEMS, and Help the Aged. Blimey - pretty much the full set, viewed from my position as a 50-year-old bloke with high BP and a history of Close Encounter With Celestial Percussion Ensemble! Marvellous.

If only they could add a few other charities - depression, debt counselling, piccolo trumpet anxiety (usually medically termed "impotensa top-noteis" or "squeakis nil adequensis"), OCD regarding travel, sudden rages regarding Richard Branson (GAH!) - I mean, they'd have the whole middle-aged trumpet-player market completely covered. You what? Oh never mind.

Anyway, they were nice young people, doing a nice thing, and I wish them a good and fruitful day. I had forgotten how much I (usually) like students and that it's a bit sad that we don't see many over here.

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