Thursday, 22 May 2008

Ah nostalgia ... I've never been closer, I've tried to understand ... Jack was born towards the end of the nineteenth century ...

The ever-excellent Diamond Geezer said something in his entirely wonderful blogological entity about pop music from 1983 which has set me off on a serious nostalgic reverie, not least because he mentioned one song I adored and another I actually played on.

This has got me onto a terrible great historical-nostalgic excursion about stuff I've done and what fun it has been. I'm now listening to GoodBooks and really wallowing in the whole thing. Is this healthy? Who cares, I have had a lot of fun over the years: why shouldn't I go back over it sometimes? As long as it does not frighten the horses, it is probably not actually illegal. It seems a pity that my next Poptastic Vogel Dominates The Charts moment is not due to take place till, ahem, 2032 according to advanced statistical analysis. Perhaps I should find something jolly to do with my time in the interim. Hmm?

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