Monday, 10 March 2008

Oh dear - weather-o-blog™

I'm just starting to wish that I had stayed in bed this morning.

It's raining quite a lot: if it rains much more then part of my office ceiling is possibly going to collapse. It already looks wet, bulgy and heavy, and more rain is apparently on the way. The last time this happened it made a horrendous mess when it did eventually fall in. It doesn't seem to be fixable (this building is about eighteen years old: draw your own conclusions.) Fortunately it is a modular system so we are talking about individual large plaster tiles, rather than the entire ceiling, coming in. Were it the latter, I would not be sitting here right now.

I've cleared the top of the cupboard underneath the wet place, swathed it in plastic and put my bin in pride of place to catch the drips. Things are a bit damp but not actually wringing wet. Yet.

I am sure that what is going on here pales into insignificance compared to the horrors that will emerge round other parts of the country, and I am profoundly grateful that our house, at the moment anyway, still has a roof. But it's not actually that nice sitting here listening to the water dripping in and waiting for the crunch, thud, and other sounds of that ilk.

D'you know, I think I may turn my music up a bit.

Update: later this afternoon the worst ceiling tile did indeed fall in, making a rather wet porridgelike mess but hurting no-one. A nice man from Estates cleared it up while I "helped" (read: flapped ineffectually). The leak has been temporarily fixed and my ceiling has been temporarily repaired - he took yet more dodgy wet tiles down -  if it rains a lot more, things may once again become interesting ...


Anna said...

On a similar weather-moan note, I got so drenched on my walk to the station today that once I got off the tube I went and bought a new pair of jeans instead of going straight to my meeting. Remaining so drenched for the next two hours was just not possible.

And why did we arrive at this expensive solution? Because the rest of the family Goss have vacated to the Lake District with all of the umbrellas. Pah, I say.

Strawberryyog said...

Lake District? UMBRELLAS? Shouldn't they have woolly hats or hoods on their cagoules or something generally a bit more "Scott of the Antarctic" or "Wandering Wainwrights" than "Mr Thompson Works In The City"??? I'm almost sure that it is illegal to eat Kendal Mint Cake while under a brolly ...

Good excuse for going shopping though Anna! :)