Saturday, 22 March 2008

Another Mancunian weekend (eee!) part 4

Monday, 28 January 2008

Monday was basically just the Day of Driving Home so I don't have a load of deep insight and fabulous description to offer you.


Dum de dum.


Ah yes:

After eating my delicious Chilled Cornflake Delight, and with just a few minutes' weeping contemplation of The Pub Next Door That Does Cooked Breakfasts At The Weekend (Only I Was Too Stupid To Go There) to give me pause, I was orf.

First stop was the Puffin's Burrow to say hello - and indeed goodbye - to my dear firstborn, the Kronprinze├čin.

After that it was just a question of lighting up the afterburners and pointing the megavan homeward, or towards its home in Greenford, anyway. En route I must just pause, though, to have the traditional moan about the utter dreadfulness of the nasty, narrow, dangerous A556 as part of the link between Manchester and all the motorway network to its south. How did this happen? Is it a joke? There are plenty of places where this is discussed, but, really ... it's 2008 and there's basically a whole motorway's worth of traffic going pretty much over people's front doorsteps. There do seem to be plans afoot to fix this situation, at long last, but if they have dates attached I have so far failed to find them: at the moment and for some years into the future it's really a bit aaargh.

It was a pretty uneventful drive. I don't think I stopped: the van was due back at Greenford at 2.00 and I didn't have much spare time.

I was a bit anxious about returning it as I'd found some subtle damage to the tail-lift and was worried I'd be blamed. I wasn't, but it was a useful reminder to check even the lift, and all its modes of operation, very carefully when the van goes out. Of course they're nice people and there wasn't a problem, but it did worry me a little that I might, by not checking thoroughly enough, have landed myself in a tricky position.

That done it was just a short(ish) hop back home (change at Holborn) to the delights of lunch, kip et al to bring to a close this busy but rather good weekend. Vans, Outings, Snacks-n-Telly™ rule OK. Indeed yes.

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