Monday, 14 May 2007

Work, work, workitty work.

Today had some good moments, and others of the Less Good variety. There's nothing much to beat a computer which just WON'T show your lecturer's funky ultrasound videos, and you've got 40 people waiting for you to do something, preferably mend it. Unfortunately your specs (glasses, if you must) are off freelancing round your office somewhere and your usually oh-so-nimble fingers (cables for the fettling of) have been replaced by great big bananas. I could have fixed this situation just as well as I did by actually NUTTING the PC (gnah! wagghh! ungghh!!) and it would only have looked slightly less professional.

A good good-moment-source was the fact that some of the people here for our big course (yeah, I know, no context, sue me) are inordinately nice. One of the mighty triumvirate who runs it is accompanied by his wife and they always do lovely cultural things in London like we who live here ought to but usually do not. Also they know Roger Voisin, a seriously famous trumpet player who was principal in Boston for yonks. This is good, interesting, an ting.

I am listening to a Herbert Grönemeyer track, an insane version of Land Unter. I think it's supposed to be all Rapophonic(TM) and other groovy stuff for drug-crazed young persons to dance to. In fact, as I am quite enjoying it, albeit in a slightly sick way, I can only assume they wouldn't like it. It's all in the marketing, Dr Jekyll.

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