Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Joomla'ed! (moo moo)

The Moo Moo is there for no particular reason but yes, we've been Joomla'ed. (Aside: I do hate making pretend-past-participles by waving apostrophes around till something bursts into flames and frightens the horses. All suggestions on how to say "we've been joomla'ed" without using one or losing the sense are more than welcome. Now back to the other channel.)

What I mean by this is that we are now using Joomla, a content management system, for the conference coverage website. I submitted my first two stories straight into the site whereas before I would have been emailing Word docs to Gary then he'd have been editing and emailing them on to Michael to put up. Photos are easier too (though I do not know the details) and Michael has installed a nice lightbox gizmo so you view photos floating on top of the (temporarily greyed-out) story, having clicked them from thumbnails.

It's definitely technically cool. It's definitely better from several points of view and will make some things easier/better. At the same time I am feeling slightly aggrieved: either the CMS or my possession/use of a laptop, or both, have rendered me even less liable to social interaction than before. I can now go out to an event, rush back here, write up, submit it and get ready for the next event (yeah, if only I had, but that is another story) without actually speaking to anyone. Today, Michael and Gary might as well have been in San Francisco for all I've seen of them.

I probably ought to get a bit less pathetic about all this. Tsk. Maybe something nicer will happen this evening! {little annoying smiley face}


Lottie said...

Joomla looks pretty cool. I am particularly a fan of the rather unnecessary ! in their name as seen on the front page of their website.

And yes, stop being pathetic. There are lots of other interesting people there besides Gary and Michael - talk to them! Alternatively don't and just look forward to next year when I will (hopefully) be a third possible person there to converse with.

Strawberryyog said...

Yeah, I ought to have been less pathetic, and actually G&M were up to their eyebrows in Heavy Stuff, and it's a bit unfair to have moaned. And actually I found that I did better for human contact by visiting the writing room to write even though with the laptop I didn't absolutely need to. I think I was just a bit low and knackered when I wrote all that.

Strawberryyog said...

and yes it would be v v good indeed to have a Lottie to chat to in Banff too! :)