Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Hungry! (in Maureen Lipman / Dr Who voice)

Oops. I have not signed up for any kind of meal plan etc and I have no idea how or where to get breakfast now that the board meeting has ended. Fortunately they fed us so much during the meeting (then you make a slower target for the guards if you run, you see) that I could probably survive the rest of the week anyway. On the other hand, I would really quite like a coffee and a bun. What's a chap to do? Tsk!


Strawberryyog said...

I am a silly sad old man. Breakfast wasn't too dire (and it is not often you get to eavesdrop, for free, on Crispian Steele-Perkins, Charlie Schlueter and Frank Kaderabek at the next table) but my lunch was scr*wed up to the Nth degree. I had a packet of almost-poisonous cheese things out of a machine, then later a coffee and a croissant and a quite nice chewy bar, in a sort of extended Lunch-Meets-Scheduling-Problem which is difficult to explain but was jolly annoying. And lonely. Here, look, I am doing a piece of Interpretive Dance to show you how it felt:

(gnah! wagghh! ungghh!!)

(good, wasn't it?)

- and now I am in a Terrible Grump(tm), and have work to do. Tsk.


Try to get a decent breakfast, don't worry about lunch too much other than avoiding collapse[1], try to eat sensibly in the evenings[2].


1. For Lo! He is like unto an Overweight Chap of High BMI in my sight, and fadeth NOT away in the course of An Hour or More without Sustenance.

2. This translates into kind-of English as "pray that Gary and Michael are eating somewhere nice and you can tag along. Or tough luck buddy boy!"

Strawberryyog said...

Resolution pt II

... and being prepared for a writing job includes figuring out if/when to eat or drink during the day too, unless it is to be administered intravenously. As well as all the other stuff about knowing the artists and the programme an ting. Tsk.