Monday, 14 May 2007

All in one strand

The "no-context" thing (see below, or above, or in a parallel universe, or wherever it is) is a real problem. My natural tendency is to want to explain everything. Not some of it - the Lot. If I don't counter that, I will never be able to write a word because everything requires ten pages of introduction, fifty-three of end-notes, and an appendix in its own extension with a separate entrance, air conditioning, and a mini-fridge and kettle in case it gets a bit peckish in the afternoons. I think I will just have to try to get used to writing things like "So, Colin finally turned up with the Milan tickets! Good old Col!!" and that's yer lot.

PS (and its colleagues PPS et al):
He didn't really
There aren't any tickets
I am not going to Milan
I don't know who Colin is
It was an example

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