Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Sage Gateshead is not in Newcastle

124_2482 Look. The Sage Gateshead is not in Newcastle. It just isn’t. If it were, it would need to be a bit further North and then they could have called it The Sage Newcastle, and its website could be at But it isn’t, and they didn’t, and it isn’t … because it is not in Newcastle.

I know people like to weeble on about the mighty river-spanning conurbation of, ahem, NewcastleGateshead as if it were Buda and Pest or Ankh and Morpork but I feel this is mostly a marketing term – I have yet to see an example of its use by a normal human being. And even so I might be smacking my head on my desk a little less if I were complaining about someone saying, or at least implying, that the Sage is in (akk!) NewcastleGateshead: but I am not.

Let’s get this right:

  • The Sage Gateshead is not in Newcastle
  • The Sage Gateshead is in Gateshead
  • Gateshead is not Newcastle
  • Newcastle is not Gateshead
  • Bessie Surtees House, for a further example, is not in Gateshead
  • … and while I’m at it, the Baltic isn’t in Newcastle either. No Tamsin it is jolly well not.
  • Newcastle and Gateshead are close together but two different places. Say it with me:
  • “Newcastle and Gateshead are close together but two different places.” Good, good.
  • Gah!!!

Thank you for your attention.


Saltwell said...

A good point! Not made often enough.

I live and work in Gateshead. As a town, we don't get much good publicity but they could at least give us our due.

Strawberryyog said...

Thank you, and yes, that exactly! (Sorry about the slow reply.)