Thursday, 23 April 2009

Jewish Mother

There are already a good many definitions of a Jewish Mother, with close to 100% featuring Chicken Soup. And why not?

I would like to suggest, however, that a new subspecies of definition might be considered. This is not yet properly formulated but broadly speaking would propose that Jewish Mothers do not see autostereograms, either because they can’t, or because they won’t. (They do after all have Chicken Soup to prepare.)

Obviously this is just in the early planning and consultation stages but I may consider taking it to t’Committee with a view to refining it into a pithy witty aphorism (whatever one of those might be) for release in Q2 2011.

Thank you for reading. Pass the gefilte fish. Thank you. Mmm.


David said...

A bit of pedantry never comes amiss:

I suspect you don't mean random dot stereograms, which you view using a stereoscope or with coloured filters, but which are constructed using random dots in order to investigate the properties of the human stereo vision system.

Your link suggests you're referring to Magic Eye-type stereograms, also known as autostereograms (some of which may be made with random dots). Wikipedia makes the distinction in the first paragraph of its article on random dot stereograms.

Strawberryyog said...

Ah yes - thank you very much! Yet another "factoid" that I "knew" ... gah! :) Entry duly corrected.

Lottie said...

How big is your sample of Jewish Mothers? 2?

Strawberryyog said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah well thank you Lottie for your comment and please choose from the following possible replies:

* Don't get funny with me kiddo.

* Don't get statistical with me kiddo.

* Erm perhaps somewhere round there, yes.

* Oooh no nothing like 2! Gosh, the very thought.

* Using advanced statistical technique I have simulated a large population from a, er, somewhat smaller one. So it's actually about 4,500,000, smart*rse.

* You're asking the wrong question - it should be about how big the error is.

* And what about the size of my sample of non-Jewish mothers? eh? eh?? Ha!

* How many Jewish mothers does it take to argue a statistical point? Two, one to calculate the standard deviation and one to make the chicken soup.

* How many Jewish mothers do you know who can or do see autostereograms? eh? eh?? Ha! (Oh sorry I've done "eh? eh?? Ha!" already ... ermmm ...) He-la-hu!

* Is there something you want to tell me?? (boom-boom)

* Insert witty response of your choice here: invoice to the usual address please.