Wednesday, 1 April 2009

It's a lovely sunny day

It's a really lovely sunny morning here in EC1. I feel oddly apprehensive, though - I think I am worried about the G20 meeting, possible riots etc. It's complicated and difficult to explain and it's not just about my own safety, because I honestly do not think there's a problem there. It's more about the generalized feeling that something bad might happen, and I don't want it to. The press have seemed determined to talk up the potential for violence and I don't like that either. This is not, however, a political blog so I really might as well leave it now and get back to yoghurt, or whatever.

Pathetic, eh? Ho hum.

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Strawberryyog said...

I've got a headache. Do you think I can claim it is a helicopter-induced headache (there are, believe me, plenty of those lovely rotary-wing aircraft around here at the moment), blame the government, and get some compensation? No, me neither. Sigh.