Friday, 18 April 2008

Entering Aargh Mode now

Two of my vast array of daughters are currently unwell and two are approaching work deadlines, a problem of which sadly the whole von Neustadt clan has extensive experience. This is not nice. Feeling parentally impotent is not nice. Poor babies.

Fortunately the drawing of a quick Venn diagram reveals that at least it's not both the same two people with the same two, er, ishoos. That would be even worser. Unfortunately, the said diagram does reveal that there's indeed one person sitting there smack bang right in the middle of the intersection, which is not a nice place to be. Poor poor baby.

Mr Thompson, kindly charge the Positive Energy Array and prepare for multiple firing. Targets three, ranges 3.68km, 213.16km, 260.05km. Bearings 329.5, 268.7, 326.9. Stand by. Steady. Fire. Bzzzzzzzt!

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