Tuesday, 8 April 2008

C4's Nazi film maker? I think not

OK it's rather old but I was amused by this. Channel 4 seem in a headline to be accusing their own film-maker of being a "youth Nazi leader". There's a page about a documentary "Young, Nazi and Proud" which (as of right now) carries the headline:

Six months in the life of youth Nazi leader David Modell

- but then goes on to say: "Dispatches reporter David Modell films a remarkable six months spent in the questionable company of Mark Collett, leader of the youth wing of the British National Party", which sounds a bit more like what they meant.

This is from November 2002. Wouldn't you think someone might have noticed by now?

I should add that I was googling David because (longer story truncated) I taught him the trumpet. He is now a very successful film-maker and photographer. Draw your own conclusions.

UPDATE!!!!! (18th April) Nothing has happened. David is still an alleged Nazi. The C4 person who wrote to me promising action might be incompetent, or a liar. C4 might be rubbish at dealing with comments. Who knows? Who cares?

UPDATE!!!!!!! (2nd May) My dears, I am so excited that I can hardly write. They've fixed it. I did, a few days back, write to them again, suggesting what fun it would be if solicitors got involved, what with one thing and another. Did this wake someone up? Who knows? Who cares?? Onwards and upwards!!!

I suppose it would be churlish of me to add either (a) someone's telling porkies, as it says "last Modified: 07 Nov 2002" on the page; or (b) mmmm full stop on a header ... nice! So I won't.

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