Friday, 18 April 2008

Creation myths

In Adobe's truly fascinating page "Inserting Flash Video may create a cross-site scripting vulnerability for Dreamweaver or Contribute" we find this gem:

Verify the creatition date of the file. The updated files should have a creatation date of January 15, 2008.

Sadly Adobe does not tell us which of its very fine products was used to, er, creatite this web page, nor whether it boasts a spelling checker.

Amusingly enough they haven't even got the date right - the files you get are actually dated 9th January, so either they are the wrong files or the text needs the tiniest bit of attention.

Naturally I have pointed out both of these problems to Adobe. Naturally I do not expect them to do anything about them. Why would they? No-one cares. The only interesting question here is why I care and why I bother. It's stupid. I would be using my time more profitably staring out of the window, humming nice bits from Ne Irascaris and thinking about Whitby.

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