Friday, 18 April 2008

Boo, but yay

Boo because I am missing the Lovely Lutheran Lunchtime at St Ann and St Agnes. I didn't make it on Monday (Manchester visit) and I'm not making it today, and it sounds like a great gig, d*mmit. I need those concerts - they prop up my working week in quite an important way. So boo, and boo I say.

Yay because the reason I can't go is that I am doing something interesting later, but it needs me to leave work early, so I am trying to make sure that I cover my hours (whatever they are), and that means starting early and not going out over lunchtime. (I should add that this is more about my paranoia than it is about actual messages that I get from the management. Plus I have already worked 563 hours or something this week.) I will write about the something interesting when I get a chance - it's quite a large topic and I am Mr Small Topic Blogger just now. But  I am looking forward to this afternoon's trip as an interesting diversion, and then I am driving down to see Dearest Muvver, which will be excellent. So yay, and yay I say.

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