Sunday, 9 September 2007


A number of good things happened this weekend. I might scribble more about them some time but not right now, so this is just an aide memoire
  • We went out to dinner with Katie L and her mum. Very very nice.
  • I went orienteering (I was worried I had given up)
  • I did a trumpet news story (ditto)
  • We went to look at a site-specific art exhibition in Queens Wood - it was great: see (not that good) pic of beautiful little "sea urchins" on a tree, which you could blink and miss, so it felt like a reward to find them
  • Lunch with the in-laws, very pleasant
  • We gave away a ton of books by the out-on-pavement method and as a result I got to talk to a very nice young German mum and her kids
  • I got Martha's blinds put up (with much swearing) and her room looks even cooler
  • Erm
  • That's it

So none of this is earth-shattering but it was all perfectly good stuff. Oh and one wonderful thing happens tomorrow:

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