Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Bother! (Double-booked-o-blog)™

Übermanager Anna just rang to say did I want to do another GoodBooks gig tonight. Well yes please, I do actually, but am already booked for a rehearsal. Bother. Bother bother. Bother bother bother.

I even rang the other trumpet to check he was going (because if not I would have been the Lone Trumpet in an Intended Multi-Trumpet Environment, and this is Not a Nice Thing, so I might have bailed out) but, bless him, he was going. So I am too. Bother.

Sigh. At the moment I would very much rather be doing the band than Ravel, Rachmaninov and Magnus Lindberg. Of which more some time, I hope. Ho hum.

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