Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Gig-a-Blog™ (Mary Pells & Martin Knizia, St Anne & St Agnes)

Monday, 10th September 2007

Huzzah! The lunchtime series has restarted and I am, like, well chuffed. This was an exceedingly pleasant recital of music for viol (Pells) and harpsichord (Knizia) which fitted well with the sunny, smiley afternoon into which we emerged afterwards.

All four works were sonatas, all fairly short, light and relaxing on the ear. Not, then, a concert of high drama, but why should it be - this was just brilliant anyway. Pells and Knizia have a great partnership, very very together and superbly balanced.

Two sonatas by Abel, and one each by Schaffrath and CPE Bach, had me making notes like "poised, graceful, light" which seems about right, especially as I'm running out of writing time and have no profundities to offer. A delightful way to start the lunchtime concert season. Singable tunes to sing on the way back to work. What more could one want?

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