Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Compostition and Leanring

I am delighted to see that Royal Holloway, University of London, is advertising, on jobs.ac.uk, a Lectureship in Compostition. (At the time of writing it is still there, but I suspect it may not be for too much longer.) This sounds very interesting - does it have something to do with throwing old ideas on the heap and hoping that after having rotted down for a while they will perhaps provide nourishment for new developments? I have written to enquire.

Not far away, and still on jobs.ac.uk, it appears that the School of Arts at the very lovely City University would like to appoint a Leanring Support Officer. Again, I feel that this ad may well have the status "click now or miss it". I am sure that you are relieved to hear that I have no cheap-shot jokes to offer about this vacancy. Ahem. Yes.


Becca said...


Oh dear oh dear.

Do these people not know about proof-reading?

Strawberryyog said...

Do they proofread? Or even spell-check? It would seem not, or not at jobs.ac.uk anyway. I had the most charming reply from the Royal Holloway guy, following up the compost joke and making all sorts of wonderful and witty points, which I very much enjoyed. He also mentioned that the copy was correct when it left them. I think perhaps at jobs.ac.uk they have to rekey the header or something, (seems so unlikely that it could be true) which is maybe where the errors get introduced. As the RH guy pointed out, it is not entirely trivial since it affects searches, and his vacancy will be found under "compostition" but not "composition" until this is corrected.

I also pointed their one out to City but haven't heard back yet.

The RH bloke's response was so good that I wish I had permission to reproduce it. Oh well.