Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Vogel's a bit fargled: blogapology

I'm sorry that this blog's gone so quiet at the moment. There are couple of other things on which I've had to concentrate, and still do, and I just can't find the time to sit down and really write, or even edit, for a decent-length session. Avebury Day Two is the next big or biggish thing I want to do, but I reckon that it'll still be a fortnight or more before I can sort that out, even though it's very close to being finished.

In other news, I've been to several very nice concerts at St Anne's, played in a Rite of Spring with Salomon, and weathered various work crises. (It's unlikely that I'll get time to write separately about all, or maybe any, of those things. Two very different summer holidays will, though, get wroted up. I hope.)

My breadmaking career continues to flourish. I spent a while consolidating my (very advanced) skills in making straightforward white or wholemeal loaves then decided to branch out a bit. My first less-straightforward attempt, a five-seeds wholemeal loaf, wasn't 100% successful: it looked a bit, er, odd and collapsed, and seemed somewhat dense in parts (aha, yes, the image of its creator, thank you so much) though to be fair it still tasted great. My guess is that the yeast was a bit unenthusiastic - it was from a part-used sachet that I'd resealed, but perhaps not quickly or well enough? Oh well. Straight back on the horse (no Tamsin, it's a metaphor) and Attempt 2, while still not actually flyaway-fluffy, was much more how I was hoping it would be.

Emboldened by this I went on to a white loaf with apricot and almond and this was a truly delicious first-time success. Indeed I made another of these loaves on Sunday and that was very nice too. I am far too timid to progress through Mr Panasonic's cookbook any faster than this current crawl, but that's fine. I love my breadmaker!

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