Friday, 25 June 2010

The Infanta Marfs is on the way to the Mara!

I’ve neglected this poor blog so badly recently that a large proportion of my massive base of readers will have no idea what that title means.

I now need to do about 3000 pages of writing which just briefly deal with, er, the entire year, including a colossal and lifetime-significant trip to Kenya and Uganda, where the Infanta Marfs has been flying the flag for British Youngpersonhood … er, or something.

olkiombo-planeAnd that by the way is the good news – the young aristocrat in question is on her way down to the Masai Mara courtesy of the lovely Safarilink, having been kicking her heels in Nairobi for more days than she really wanted … so this is nice, good news and I was thrilled to hear it.

Quite why the blog is so much in the doldrums I am not sure. Sure, although my time management used to be truly appalling, it is now much, much worse than that. This can’t be helping. And then … Facebook and Twitter make it seductively easy to post some quick nonsense about philosopy and the nature of religion, life, football and classical music whereas it’s harder work to come here and do proper writing about serious topics like, ah, Strawberry Yoghurt. It is harder when it is not in a little box, but it is really quite low-value writing when it is.

I was very moved the other day when a Young Person of my acquaintance pointed out that I’d written very little here recently, and suggested that I should write more. I do, seriously, need to do some thinking about this … but, yes I wish I were writing more too. As it says in the FIQ somewhere, one reason that I do it is that I sometimes like to go back and read it. Well apart from the rants and the OCDish bits about spelling, Attlee or whatever.

Hmmmmmmmmm. I must try to write sometimes. Must try. Try.


Strawberryyog said...

And literally the second I posted that - and yes, I do know what literally means, thank you - the Infanta in question sent me a Wretched Textual Message on the Wretched Young People's Wireless Telephony Apparatus to say that she has arrived safely at Mara-Olkiombo. This makes me very, very happy (ermm and jealous, come to think of it) and in celebration I am going to stick in a photographic image of an aeroplane at the said landing ground.

Strawberryyog said...

And now I have booked a flight out of Olkiombo. How time flies, an ting.