Friday, 22 February 2008

Electronically compressed air

This sounds like an interesting idea. (I promise that I will leave the Daily Telegraph website soon, never to return. Clearly we are not meant for each other.)

In Is cabin air making us sick? - an interesting and worrying (if perhaps mildly hysterical) article about your chances of either dropping dead or being flown into the ground by a dozy, gassed-up crew - the author comes out with this interesting statement:

But for all the advances in design, safety and comfort, until the launch of Boeing’s new Dreamliner (787) next year (on which air will be compressed electronically), little has been done about the fact that both passengers and crew are breathing in air that comes straight from the engines.

I want to hear more about this electronically compressed air. Shall I write in? Perhaps not. Perhaps yes. Perhaps maybe. Perhaps I should get a life, do some bl**dy work (yes Colin I am on leave today), run around the house shouting, or almost anything. Tsk.


Update: hahahaha serves me right. I did comment on the article, or rather I tried to, and got this:

Method Not Allowed

An error has occurred.

Yeah babay you bet it has. Clearly they have some advanced technique for weeding out lefty cynics before they can pollute the monitors of the Torygraph's loyal readership. Now it seems that I am doomed never to find out how you can electronically compress air. Chiz.

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