Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Do you scoff, scarf or what?

Lynneguist's always excellent "Separated by a Common Language" blog (American and British uses of English, geddit?) has a good piece on "Scoff and Scarf". Given the known demographics of my colossal readership (hem hem) I would love to know if you use "scoff" for the stuffing of the face with food, or words to that effect. My guess is that you are more likely to use it if you are 100 years old like what I am, or if you think you are Molesworth (chiz) or Billy Bunter (yaroo) or someone. Or both. But I would be interested to know - or maybe you should just go to Lynne's article and comment there ... whatever.


Lottie said...

Well, if I were to scoff fifteen mars bars, I would definitely scoff them. However, I would scarf down a big bowl of chocolate pudding. I think it's the down bit that makes the difference. However I'd use the latter very rarely, and I do also try not to scoff unhealthy things too much.

Strawberryyog said...

Ah - interesting, I had not considered the possibility that people might use both forms. Well well well. Thank you. Have a Mars Bar - oops, sorry, no, an apple! xx