Thursday, 2 December 2010


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So ... Hintons became Presto became Safeway became Morrisons. Goodness me. Supermarket history, eh ... I wonder if you can do an MA in it?

Fine Fare, anyone? Gateway?? No?
(Since you ask, yes, I was indeed thinking about the Guisborough shop at 71 Westgate!)


David said...

I wonder what became of Walter Wilson?

David said...

OK, had a look myself, Walter Wilson was acquired by Alldays in 1998, Alldays now acquired by the Co-op.

Strawberryyog said...

Ah yes, I had forgotten them. I kind-of think of them as Great Ayton not Guisborough, but I may just be, er, wrong. Also I have this odd suspicion that they were Walter Willson not Wilson, but there's scant evidence that I've seen yet.

Strawberryyog said...


this and
- are all quite interesting apropos of WW.