Monday, 13 September 2010

Google calendar editing - GCalToolkit - de-headache your calendar duplicates!

This is another of those little utilities that:

  • Costs a few quid/euros/bucks/whatever;
  • Contains functionality that really should have been written in by the developers of the main software (and perhaps will be one day); but for now
  • Is worth its weight in gold for the time and pain it saves you. 

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you GCalToolkit by Neil Gerstenberg. Basically it does stuff that I wish Google Calendar did, like giving you a useful editable list from a flexible search. If like me you messed up importing your repeating events from a previous calendar, and now (aaaaargh!) you can't sort them out because due to cosmic waves and evil undertows in the universal flux™ they became (doh!!) a load of separate, unlinked events in your Google calendar, this is the magic wand that sorts it all out. US$25 - a real bargain for the awful editing hassle you can avoid by using it.

Yes Tamsin, usual disclaimers apply, and yes Colin anyone who uses a utility like this without first backing their calendar up does probably deserve all the bad things that could happen to them (but please do not make that silly noise while I am speaking, thank you). Caveat emptor and all that. But I do back my calendar up before editing it, so ner - and this is a great utility!

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