Thursday, 11 February 2010

Quickoffice does Google Documents. Bliss.

Quickoffice have just upgraded their iPhone app, for free, so it can talk to Google Docs.

If you don't know why I might think this is a Big Deal, please don't worry about it - boring techie stuff.

If you do get it, you may understand why I'm so thoroughly blissed out by this lovely improvement. Say yay. Say woo. Say oh look I say that's really rather good, actually.

Marvellous. Scribbling life just got better. Thank you, lovely Quickoffice people, for sorting this out.

Mobile, hence terse.

Location:Alexandra Park Rd,Haringey,United Kingdom


Strawberryyog said...

Weird location. I am not in Tottenham right now...

Strawberryyog said...

... so I edited the location. On a preliminary glance at least, it seems to think the entire London Borough of Haringey is Tottenham. Not clever.